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Coast-wide Pest Control & Carpet Cleaning has built a reputation as one of the leading carpet and upholstery cleaners in Australia. Our highly trained team of technicians will provide you with the highest level of service and workmanship at the best price possible.

Coastwide provide professional service that is well beyond our competitors. We are so confident that our customers will be happy, we offer a “Satisfaction Guarantee” on all of our services.

At Coast-wide Pest Control & Carpet Cleaning we have invested heavily in the most up to date high power truck mounted and portable carpet steam cleaning equipment and also provide the new technology encapsulation carpet cleaning system.

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Our Carpet Cleaners

Coastwide Carpet Cleaning Guarantees to make your home cleaner and safer.” The hot water extraction cleaning method is recommended by most specialised carpet manufacturers as the best and safest way to clean and care for your carpet. In order to protect your valuable investment regular carpet care will prolong the life of your carpet.

It is imperative that carpet is cleaned on a regular basis to keep the home environment clean and safe for everyone in the house. While regular surface cleaning takes care of the dirt and dust on the top of the carpet, a lot of dirt and grime gets deep inside the fibers of the carpet and keep sitting there for a long period. Therefore, in addition to regular surface cleaning, it is also important to regularly deep clean the carpet, best performed by a carpet cleaning professional, and ensure that it does not become a shelter for harmful bacteria and mold that may affect the health of your loved ones inside the house.

Another benefit of regular carpet cleaning is that it also enhances the life of your carpet. Here is a list of some of the most popular carpet cleaning methods to help you choose the right one for your cleaning needs.

Steam Cleaning

This method is also commonly known as hot water extraction method and is one of the more popular cleaning methods employed by professionals. Even though it is called steam cleaning, no steam is used. Hot water in the range of 150 to 200 degrees F is used for cleaning. This hot water is sprayed onto the carpet at high pressure that helps the water to get deep into the carpet.

The hot water sucks out dirt and debris lying deep inside the carpet and brings them to the surface. On the surface, a vacuum cleaner cleans up the dirt and stores it in a holding tank. A cleansing solution or detergent is also mixed with hot water to clean effectively all the debris and dust.

Hot water cleaning or steam cleaning is considered one of the most effective deep cleaning techniques. The hot water also takes care of the dust mites, mold, and harmful bacteria. If this technique is used in the right manner, it can also enhance the life of your carpet. Most of the professional companies use truck mounted cleaning systems. You may also rent steam carpet cleaning machines if you want to do this on your own.

Carpet Shampoo

One of the mocarpet cleaning & conditioning shampoo sachetst economical methods of cleaning your carpet is using a carpet shampoo. A variety of such shampoos is available in the market for various types of carpets. In this technique, the shampoo or cleaning solution is spread onto the carpet. This cleaning solution turns into foam, and the ingredients in this foam attract dirt and dust from deep inside the carpet.

The solution becomes brittle once it dries and breaks itself apart from the carpet fibers. These dry particles are then collected with a vacuum cleaner. One of the biggest advantages of this method is that you do not need to hire the services of a professional for this cleaning method. However, it is important that you choose the right shampoo to ensure that the chemicals in the shampoo do not discolor or damage the carpet.

Dry Powder Cleaning

Dry powder carpet cleaning method is also getting increasingly popular these days as it does not involve the use of too much water. In this cleaning technique, a special dry cleaning powder is spread on the carpet. This cleaning powder is made up of a small amount of water, solvent, and detergent.Carpet Water Damage Cleaning Before and After

This powder is left on the surface for around 15 min and then it is collected with the help of a vacuum cleaner. This dry powder attracts all the dirt and dust in the carpet. It is considered a very effective cleaning method as it does not involve wetting the carpet and it can be used by anyone.

While you can clean your carpet on a regular basis on your own, it is still recommended to hire the services of professional carpet cleaning company to clean deep the carpet at least once in a year. This will not only keep your cleaning costs low but will also enhance the life of your carpet. It will also keep your home safe and free from harmful bacteria and mold.

Water Damage

Water damage requires immediate attention to minimise further losses. Sometimes the damage done by water is not visible to the human eye. Even if the water is unseen it can still do extensive costly damage and be a danger to your health.
By working quickly to dry the affected area mold, bacteria and microbial growth don’t get a chance to take hold.

Water Damaged Carpets

water damaged carpets
Whether a natural disaster or a washing machine malfunction is the culprit for your water damaged carpets, the outcome is the same. What was once a lovely carpet is now soggy and prime for mold and mildew. What do you do? If the water damage is from sewage it is essential that the ruined carpet be removed and disposed of. If the water inundation is from local flooding or an internal household disaster, then the carpet can be saved and restored if you act quickly and give us a call right away

Pest Control

Coast-wide Pest Control & Carpet Cleaning offers a fully licensed and insured general pest control service. We are qualified to treat such pests as Cockroaches, Spiders, Silverfish, Rodents, Ants, Fleas, Carpet Beatles, Clothes Moths, Bees, wasps and much more.

Upholstery Cleaning

Let us bring back that brand new shine to your furniture
At Coastwide Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control we specialise in restoring the freshness of all your Upholstered Furniture. Upholstered furniture should be cleaned at least once every year if you want to increase the longevity and maintain the fresh look of new furniture.