Tile Cleaning

Maintaining and cleaning tiles and grout lines can be messy work and take up your valuable time. You should periodically clean and maintain your tiles and grout lines to keep them looking their best.

Whether you have Ceramic tiles, Porcelain or a Natural stone such as Travertine or Slate, you may have noticed that over time dirt and grime accumulate both in the grout lines and on the surface of the tile. Hand scrubbing seldom produces favorable results.

Let us professional high-pressure steam clean your tiles and grout using a patented cleaning system to completely transform your hard surface floors making them appear new again!

tile cleaning gold coast

How We Clean Your Tiles and Grout

  1. Visual tile inspection checking for damaged grout
  2. We apply a special solution made to break down grease and oil.
  3. Agitate the solution with a special grout brush
  4. Turbo clean with a high-pressure hot water. All the dirty water and contaminants are extracted into our powerful truck mounted machine. (The cleaning head is completely enclosed, thus eliminating the possibility of wetting other surfaces)

“Most allergens and pathogens are eliminated due to the high temperatures”.
By far steam cleaning is the safest and most effective method to use.

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