The Equipment Needed for Large Area Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning services make it possible for large areas or particularly dirty surfaces to be scrubbed thoroughly. In order to ensure the quality of the service, commercial carpet cleaners need to acquire all of the essential equipment.

When it comes to large area carpet cleaning jobs, there are a few essential tools and supplies. These process big surfaces quickly and is suitable for extracting dirt, grime and stains effortlessly.

Carpet Cleaning Machines

This one is obvious. Commercial machines like the 19″ Cimex machine are intended for larger jobs and have a number of characteristics that ensure quick and effective removal of dirt and grime from larger carpets.

Machines for commercial use are typically characterized by a bigger number of rotating heads (there’s only one head for most household carpet cleaning appliances). The multiple heads rotate rapidly, making it possible to deal with massive buildup in a quick and efficient manner.

Some of these machines operate much like upright vacuum cleaners, others are bigger and heavier.

The rotating motion makes it possible to extract a lot of dirt and buildup from the carpets. This is typical for commercial machines and most of them do not feature back and forth motion. Each of the machines comes with a specific capacity, making it suitable for small, medium or large areas.

Carpet Extractors

Whether this piece of equipment is portable or stationary, the carpet extractor is one of the most important appliances that a commercial carpet cleaning company should have. The sizes of these extractors vary and so does their capacity.

There are heavy-duty carpet extractors out there designed to deal with bigger messes and cover larger surface areas effortlessly. Extractors usually consist of a vacuum motor that sucks in the cleaning solution and the dirt from the carpet. Heavy-duty extractors usually come with extra-powerful motors that leave very little moisture inside once the job is completed.

On top of the motor, the extractors also have a heater. It warms up the soapy water solution to increase the effectiveness of stain removal.

Extractors designed for larger jobs usually come with a very big tank. Thus, once the solution and grime are taken out of the carpet, the operator will be free from having to empty the tank frequently.

Truck Mounts

Truck mounts are an indispensable part of commercial carpet cleaning. They allow for a machine to be mounted to the floor of the truck, ensuring the mobility of the equipment. Thus, professional supplies can be taken to a store, an office or another commercial venue that’s in need of thorough carpet cleaning.

truck mount for commercial carpet cleaning

Wands, Hoses and Other Accessories

Commercial carpet cleaning can be rather specialized depending on the needs of the client. This is why companies offering such services tend to have an array of additional accessories.

Carpet wands are handheld devices that come with different heads. The available bristles and other specifics of the head make it particularly suitable for addressing specific types of stains and carpet messes.

Stair cleaning tools and accessories are also available.

In addition, commercial carpet cleaning companies need to have an assortment of hoses, air movers, rotary extractors, and upholstery cleaning supplies. All of these accessories enable the provision of comprehensive services that address all of a client’s needs.

Detergents and Cleaning Supplies

The final essential that has to be mentioned when it comes to large-scale commercial carpet cleaning jobs is the availability of detergents and other cleaning supplies.

The detergents used by such companies are different from the solutions available for household use. Detergents have specific pH levels, they rely on various solvents, some of them are perfect for use on stain-resistant carpets and some offer an environment-friendly cleaning opportunity.

A few other supplies that professional carpet cleaners rely on include deodorisers, pre-spray treatments, pet odour removal sprays, rinses, concentrated spot removers and sanitisers. Separate supplies may be available for the purpose of professional upholstery cleaning.